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Western Mail Perth 18 March 1911

Mr. W. H. Higgins, the well-known bulb grower, of Geelong, advertises in another column that his recently issued catalogue for 1911 is available on application, post free, to readers of the "Western Mail." Started as a hobby many years ago, the amateur's garden has developed into a large farm, picturesquely situated on the north shore of Corio Bay, with an immense stock, a large staff, and every convenience necessary to the acclimatisation and production of the latest in choice bulbs.

Portland Guardian 7 June 1911

A HUGE FISH.- A large bonita, weighing 2¼ cwt., was captured at North Shore, Geelong, on Saturday by a couple of local fishermen. It was partly stranded when caught.

The Argus Melbourne 14 June 1911

Mr. Forster, who has had charge of the Presbyterian churches at Lara, North Shore, and North Geelong for some years past, has been succeeded by Mr. Welling. Mr. Forster has been presented with a gold watch and chain by the church members.

The Maffra Spectator 20 October 1913


The strike of workmen engaged in the killing of sheep and lambs for export was continued on Saturday at the works of John Cooke and Co., W. Angliss and Co., Borthwick and Co., and William Anderson and Co. It also extended to the Harbor Trust freezing works at Corio Bay, Geelong; the works of W. and R. Fletcher, North Shore, Geelong; and it is believed to those of the Wimmera Inland Freezing Co. at Murtoa.

The meat export trade of Victoria is, therefore, at a staudstill at the busiest season of the year in the industry, because just at present the lambs are in prime condition and suitable for freezing, and ample supplies can be sent, from the stations to the metropolitan market.

The Argus Melbourne 28 June 1915


Waller Herbert Higgins, of North Shore, Geelong, bulk salesman. Causes of insolvency-Pressure of creditors, losses in business, and want of capital. Liabilities, £9,575/4/1; assets, £7,885/16/7; deficiency, £1,689/7/6. Mr. A. T. Curran, official assignee. Filed at Geelong.

Werribee Shire Banner 12 June 1919

CORIO. Edgar Moodie. who has been on active service in France for about three years, was met at the station on Saturday week last by a large number of residents, and given a rousing reception. Mr. Geo. Evans welcomed him on behalf of the school committee, and Mr. M. W. McGuiness on behalf of the local residents of the district. Sergt. Moodie is looking particularly well. It has been decided by the residents of the district to present medals to every soldier. A sum of £14 is needed, and a committee has been appointed to collect it. A united welcome home will be arranged at a later date.

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