From the 1920s to today

1929 Electoral Roll for the Commonwealth Division of Corio, Subdivision of North Geelong

Made up to 19 August 1929.

Commonwealth Division of Corio

State Assembly division of Grant

No. Surname Given Names Address Occupation

1 ABBOT Enid Vida Annie Grammar School Corio Waitress
10 ALLEN Eleanor North Shore H/D
11 ALLEN Gladys Mountford Grammar School Corio H/D
12 ALLEN James North Shore Carpenter
13 ALLEN Joseph Hollins Grammar School Corio Clerk in Holy Orders
16 ALLEN Mary Alice Corio H/D
24 ANDERSON Allan Douglas Gordon Corio Labourer
31 ANDERSON George Alexander Corio Farmer
37 ANDERSON Mary Jane Corio H/D
42 ANSTEY Muriel Essington Grammar School Corio Nurse
51 ARMSTRONG Thomas Corio Farmer
66 BAINBRIDGE Annie Hannah Grammar School Corio H/D
67 BAKER Alice Maud Corio H/D
68 BAKER Edward Corio Turner
3 BANNON Annie Kathleen Melbourne Rd Corio H/D
84 BANNON Joseph James Melbourne Rd Corio Welder
85 BANNON William Melbourne Rd Corio Railway employee
98 BARNETT Charles Thornton North Shore Factory hand
100 BARNETT Florence Elizabeth North Shore H/D
122 BATTERHAM Emily Grammar School Corio H/D
123 BATTERHAM Joseph Henry Grammar School Corio Labourer
124BATTERHAM Maurice Samuel Grammar School Corio Despatch Manager
125 BATTERHAM Olive Marjorie Grammar School Corio H/D
126 BATTERHAM William Grammar School Corio Engineer
134 BEALES John Thomas Donnelly Ave North Shore Textile worker
135 BEALES Louisa Alice Donnelly Ave North Shore H/D
136 BEALES Robert Spencer Donnelly Ave North Shore Textile worker
158 BELPERROUD Alexander Edward snr Corio Brick Works Wood carter
159 BELPERROUD Alexander Edwars jnr Corio Brick Works Labourer
161 BELPERROUD Mary Jane Corio Brick Works H/D
177 BERTHON Louis de Crillon Grammar School Corio School master
178 BERWICK Bertha Ada North Shore H/D
179 BERWICK Hedley North Shore Accountant
185 BICKERTON Mary Myrtle Grove North Shore H/D
186 BICKERTON William Alfred Myrtle Grove North Shore Machinist
230 BOHEN Thomas Sparks Road North Shore Sawyer
250 BOYCE Elizabeth Phosphate Rd North Shore H/D
251 BOYCE James Phosphate Rd North Shore Fitter & turner
252 BOYD Angus Railway station Corio Station Master
254 BOYD Ellen Rachel Railway station Corio H/D
288 BROCKENSHIRE Edward The Esplanade North Shore Optician
289 BROCKENSHIRE Milford Leicester Seaview Ave North Shore Optician
290 BROCKENSHIRE Violet Irene Seaview Ave North Shore H/D
293 BROOKS Alan Frederick Connell St North Shore Labourer
294 BROOKS Alice Bridget Connell St North Shore H/D
296 BROOKS Frederick John Connell North Shore Carpenter
298 BROWN Ada Grammar School Corio H/D
300 BROWN Elsie North Shore H/D
301 BROWN Francis Ernest Grammar School Corio Headmaster
304 BROWN John Alfred North Shore Labourer
305 BROWN Marjorie Frances Grammar School Corio H/D
306 BROWN Martin Robert Grammar School Corio Clerk
327 BULL Annie Hartwell Grammar School Corio H/D
328 BULL Charles Ripley Grammar School Corio Schoolmaster
334 BURNS Edith Christina North Shore H/D
335 BURNS Francis William Louis Maddern Ave North Shore Labourer
337 BURRIDGE Catherine Jane Grammar School Corio H/D
347 CAHIR Elizabeth off Melb Rd Cowies Ck North Geelong H/D
348 CAHIR Lawrence off Melb Rd North Geelong Labourer
349 CAHIR Patrick Michael off Melb Rd North Geelong Labourer
350 CAHIR Richard John Cowies Creek Labourer
368 CAMERON Alexander Corio nil
369 CAMERON Amy Grammar School Corio H/D
370 CAMERON Charles Allan Grammar School Corio Schoolmaster
372 CAMERON Maud Ellen Corio H/D
402 CARTER William Sea Beach Pde North Shore Labourer
441 CLARK Eleanor Mary Josephine Sparks Rd North Shore H/D
446 CLARK William Alexander c/o Anderson North Shore Rigger
478 COLVILLE Louisa Emily Geraldine Ave North Shore h/d
479 COLVILLE Walter Geraldine Ave North Shore Box maker
495 COOK Annie Myrtle Gve North Shore H/D
496 COOK Bert Myrtle Gve North Shore Fitter
497 COOK Elsie Jean Grammar School Corio H/D
551 CURR John Todd Grammar School Corio Kitchenman
555 DALLIMORE Clara Selwyn Corio H/D
556 DALLIMORE John Craig Corio Carrier
578 DAVIDSON Elsie Doris Grammar School Corio Waitress
582 DAVIS Arthur Gilbertson c/o Hunter North Shore Chemist
597 DEAKIN Francis Thomas Melb Rd North Shore Toolmaker
598 DEAN Charles Cowies Labourer
599 DEAN Janet Doris Corio North Shore H/D
607 DEARNLEY Elizabeth Cowies Creek H/D
608 DEARNLEY Marion Evelyn Corio H/D
609 DEARNLEY Percy Corio Labourer
610 DEARNLEY William Cowies Creek Farmer
618 de LAUNTE Fred Myrtle Gve North Shore Engineer
626 DERRY Lilian Amelia Station St North Shore H/D
629 DEVLIN Charles William Corio Shire Hotel North Geelong Barman
660 DOW Eleanor Grammar School Corio Laundress
674 DRURY Elsie Grammar School Corio H/D
688 DUNLOP Mary Frances Corio H/D
691 DUNSTAN Thomas Phillips 7 Lowe St Corio Public servant
723 ELLIOTT Agnes May c/o Mrs Foot Sparks Rd North Shore Teacher
748 EVANS Frances Maud The Esplanade North Shore H/D
749 EVANS George Frederick North Shore Farmer
754 EVANS Margaret Lavinia Warwick North Shore H/D
755 EVANS Margaret North Shore H/D
763 EVANS Theophilus J The Esplanade North Shore Press operator
767 EVANS William George North Shore Labourer
773 FAIRBROTHER James Edward Corio Dairyman
774 FAIRBROTHER Ruby Irene Corio H/D
787 FEAR William Henry Grammar School Corio Labourer
789 FINBOW Catherine Corio H/D
791 FINCH Thomas Ernest Reginald Grammar School Corio -
792 FINIGAN Arthur North Shore Storeman
793 FINIGAN Lavinia North Shore H/D
826 FLETCHER Tom Sea Beach Pde North Shore Drawer
831 FOOT Annie Jane Melb Rd Corio H/D
833 FOOT Archibald Melb Rd Corio Labourer
845 FOOT Ivy Louisa May c/o Fords North Shore H/D
864 FRASER John North shore Fitter
900 GEMMELL Jessie Ross Grammar School Corio Matron
930 GILLINGHAM Rosina c/o Nal Grammar School Corio H/D
933 GILPIN Emma Dorothea Grammar School Corio Housekeeper
934 GILPIN Frances Maud Grammar School Corio Nurse
936 GLEISNER Elizabeth Jane Grammar School Corio Laundress
949 GOURLEY Dorothy May Myrtle Gve North Shore H/D
950 GOURLEY Harold Charles Gillot Myrtle Gve North Shore Fitter
951 GOY Percy North Shore Textile worker
959 GRAHAM Joseph William North Shore Rd North Geelong Machine operator
960 GRANT Irene Jessie Grammar School Corio H/D
968 GRAY Agnes Sea Beach Pde North Shore H/D
969 GRAY Alexander Haldane Sea Beach Pde North shore Labourer
986 GREEN Hannah Ada Ann North Shore H/D
988 GREENWOOD Gladys Myrtle Gve North Shore H/D
989 GREENWOOD William Clifford Myrtle Gve North Shore Fitter
1041 HAMILTON Bethia Wendover Ave North Shore H/D
1042 HAMILTON Ferguson Wendover Ave North Shore Distillery worker
1045 HANCOCK Frances Charles Grammar School Corio School master
1072 HAWKESFORD Lilian Grammar School Corion H/D
1075 HAYWARD Cyril Redress Corio Farm labourer
1076 HAYWARD Florence Alma Irene Corion H/D
1095 HENNESSY Patrick Grammar School Corio Labourer
1102 HEWITT Mary Ann Phosphate Rd North Shore H/D
1132 HINKSMAN John Charles Myrtle Grove Lead burner
1133 HINKSMAN Mary Myrtle Grove North Shore H/D
1199 HUNT Ernest Aldington Grammar School Corio Clerk in Holy Orders
1200 HUNT Evelyn Grace Grammar School Corio H/D
1201 HUNTER David William North Shore Labourer
1202 HUNTER Ethel Jane North Shore H/D


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