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The Argus Melbourne 2 January 1946


The chance meeting six weeks ago of Mrs Nellie Stewart Thomson and Mr Herbert Harold Vail not only renewed a friendship of 17 years ago, but resulted in their marriage on Saturday. The ceremony took place at the home of the bridegroom's niece, Mrs I. C. Pope, at North Shore, Geelong, and was performed by the Rev. C. Y. Reid, of North Geelong Presby-terian Church.

Mr Vail, who is a pharmacist at Lismore, first met Mrs Thomson 23 years ago when she was Miss McDiarmid, daughter of the Rev and Mrs D. McDiarmid, now of Bellevue Hill, Sydney. Her father was then Presbyterian minister at Jamestown, SA, and she was em- ployed by Mr Vail in his pharmacy in that town. For the last 3½ years she has been cashier in the out-patients' department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Argus Melbourne 13 November 1946

Royal Visit To Geelong

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester made an unofficial visit to Geelong yesterday to inspect the Returned Soldiers' Woollen Mill and Geelong Grammar School at Corio.

During a tour of the mill Their Royal Highnesses frequently stopped to speak with workers. Among those with whom they conversed were Mr E. G. Jones, an original chief engineer at the mills; D. Wilkinson, formerly of the Duke of Wellington Regiment; and Mr W. Bliss member of the 1st AIF, and who had several sons serving with the AIF in the last war.

The Royal couple stopped at Geelong College, where pupils and staff were assembled on the oval. They were welcomed by Dr Buntine, principal, who introduced D. R. T. McMillan, who established a record in the mile run in the recent public school sports, and members of the staff.

At The Hermitage (Geelong C of E GG School), where the girls were assembled in front of the historic old building, the Duchess alighted and received from Jacqueline Fiskin, head prefect, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The school cadets formed a guard of honour at Geelong Grammar School.

In granting the cadets a holiday, the Duke told them that leadership, discipline, smartness, esprit de corps, and teamwork were all things which service in the corps could teach them and which the boys would need in after life.

The Duke and Duchess were entertained at luncheon by the headmaster, Mr J. R. Darling, and Mrs Darling. Later the Duke took the salute at a parade of the school cadets, and then an inspection of the school buildings was made.

Advocate Burnie 24 December 1946

(Two photo captions)

Above: Aerial view of the International Harvester Company's site at North Shore, Geelong, showing proposed extensions where McCormick-Deering International tractors and International motor trucks will be manufactured. The company will spend £1,630,000 on expansion of buildings and additional tooling of its Geelong plant.

At left: Mr. R. B. Bradley, chairman of the board of directors of the International Harvester Co. of Australia Pty. Ltd.

The Argus Melbourne 1 February 1947

Youth Drowned In Lake At Daylesford

Thomas Carter, l8, of Pevit Point rd, North Shore,Geelong, was drowned in Lake Daylesford yesterday afternoon. Although a non swimmer Carter entered the lake and clung to the rear of a rowing-boat which towed him for some distance. He lost his grip and sank.

The Argus Melbourne 31 March 1947


A trained white lace gown and a tulle veil were worn by Audrey Irvine, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Flett of North Shore, Geelong, for her marriage on Saturday to Robert, only son of Mr and Mrs James Davison, of Donald, celebrated by Rev E. Vertigan, at the Presbyterian Church, Glenhuntly. Miss Annie Davison was bridesmaid, and Mr Lindsay Barber was best man.

Worker Brisbane 7 April 1947


Cyril J. Dean, 35, labourer, of North Shore, Geelong, must be that city's unluckiest worker. For years he struggled to keep a wife and family of six children and to acquire a home for them.

Recently he bought a building in Geelong and removed it to an allotment at North Shore. While he was reconstructing the new home a nail flew up and struck him in the right eye. He is now almost totally blind because he had lost his other eye as the result of an accident when a child. Specialists fear that they will be unable to save the sight of his second eye. As the work was being done in Dean's own time, and as he did not carry an accident insurance, he will receive no compensation. The president of Corio Shire (Cr. A. S. Thompson) has opened a public appeal to assist Dean, who is a worker at the Phosphate Works, North Shore. Already more than £100 has been contributed.

The Argus Melbourne 14 June 1947


-All photos by Pockley Studio.

REPRESENTING GEELONG districts, these girls are taking part in a queen competition to aid the Geelong Bethany Babies' Home. The crowning ceremony will take place on August 20. From top: Misses Joyce Carroll (Miss East Geelong); Joyce Beckley (Miss North Shore); Dorothy McFarline (Miss, CWA, Geelong Group); and Beryl Leibhardt (Miss Belmont).

The Argus Melbourne 12 November 1947

New industrial area for Geelong

An interim development plan for the setting aside of about 951 acres of land at North Geelong and North Shore, from Victoria st towards Geelong Grammar School and mostly east of the railway, for industrial development, has been approved by the Geelong Regional Planning Committee.

The planners reported that provision had been made to ensure any development in the vicinity of the school would be for residential purposes.

Examiner Launceston 27 December 1947

LORRY DRIVER KILLED MELBOURNE. - John James Brooks, North Shore, Geelong, was killed on the Hume highway near Balmattum on Wednesday morning when a truck ran into his stationary lorry. Another man, Langfodd Sidebottom, who was standing beside the lorry, was severely hurt.

Benalla Ensign 16 January 1948


The death occurred at the Geelong Hospital on Tuesday, 6th January, of Mrs. Ellen Weston, wife of Mr. Ewan Weston, of North Shore, Geelong. Deceased was 40 years of age. Death followed complications following an operation for appendicitis. The late Mrs. Weston was the daughter of the late Mr. Arthur Reynolds and Mrs. Reynolds, of Balwyn. She was married 10 years ago, at Balwyn to Mr. Ewan J. Weston, formerly of Winton North, and was well known to many district residents, having visited here on several occasions with her husband. She possessed a kind and likeable personality, and sincere sympathy is felt for her bereaved husband and one child, 9 years in their great loss. Burial took place at the Geelong West Cemetery. The coffin was borne by Messrs. Evan and William Weston and Eric Dagnall

(brother-in-law), J. Branch (cousin), M. Garratt and R. Harvey. Upwards of sixty workmates of deceased's husband formed a guard of honour at the cemetery.

Camperdown Chronicle 17 May 1948

Geelong Church of England Grammar School, Corio

HOUSEKEEPER.— Applications are invited for the position of Housekeeper. The position is one which requires good personality and tact. Previous experience desirable but not essential. Full particulars will be forwarded on application to the Housekeeper.

M. THEWLIS. Secretary

Camperdown Chronicle 5 August 1948


MATRON. — Applications are invited from Trained Nurses for the position of Matron. Full particulars on application. M. THEWLIS, A.I.C.A., A.A.I.S., Secretary and Bursar.

Geelong Church of England Grammar School, Corio


The school has vacancies for Housemaid-Waitresses; 46-hour week with liberal provision for holidays and sick leave. Duties to commence as soon as possible.

Full particulars from catering manager.

M. THEWLIS, A.I.CA. A.A.I. S., Secretary

The Argus Melbourne 13 January 1949

Mr Bell may offer Bourke st buses to Geelong

Should the Bourke st bus route be electrified, 150 double-deck, or between 60 and 70 single deck, buses could be sent from the city to Geelong to convey employees to North Shore in- dustries.

Mr Bell, chairman of the Tramways Board, said so last night, when commenting upon the report of Mr H. H. Bell, jun, one of the board's engineers, in which he advocated a suburban railway service at Geelong, and the use of trams instead of buses on the North Shore route,

The use of double-deck tramway buses at Geelong would depend upon whether there were any bridges on the North Shore route, he said, though during the war the tops of many double-deckers had been made removable, so that they could be used as single-deckers.

Discussion with Minister

The best use to which buses could be put, he maintained, was as feeders for trams and railways. If Mr Kent Hughes, Minister for Transport, was satisfied with the report of Mr Bell, jun, regarding Geelong's transport services he was prepared to discuss the question with him.

Mr Kent Hughes said last night that he had asked the State Electricity Commission, the Railways, and the Geelong City Council to comment upon the report of Mr Bell, jun, with which the Tramways Board was not connected.

The Argus Melbourne 20 January 1949


Two hundred and fifty prefabricated and semi fabricated homes would be built by the Housing Commission at Norlane, Mr Warner, Minister for Housing, told a deputation from Corio yesterday.

Norlane is between North Geelong and Corio.

Mr Warner said he understood that one building firm was prepared to build houses in quan- tity at £2,000 each for employees of the nearby Ford Motor Co.

However, as this would mean that rents would be about £3 a week, the Housing Commission was planning to build homes at £1,700.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 10 February 1949

Family Notices


LANGCAKE - On February 3, 1949, at Geelong, Arthur J., beloved husband of Adelaide M. Langcake, loving father of Edith (Mrs. R. T. Goodyear, of North Shore, Victoria).

The Argus Melbourne 12 September 1949


A permit has been granted to Rylands Pty Ltd for the building of a factory at North Shore, Geelong.

Mr Warner, Minister for Housing, has taken precautions to see that the permit does not interfere with the housing situation.

The company is to provide 40 prefabricated huts for the accommodation of workers en- gaged in the undertaking.

Construction will be chiefly of concrete. Cement will be brought from New South Wales so that Victorian supplies will be available for housing.

The Argus Melbourne 21 September 1949



THE annual report of the Geelong Harbour Trust for 1948 shows a surplus of £20,107, compared with a surplus of £29,304 in 1947. The lower figure is due to the increase in maintenance, administrative and general charges. Accumulated surplus at December 31 was £ 133,248.

The commissioners point out that attractions toward Geelong and the port for industrial undertakings continued. The Shell Co of Aust Ltd had acquired 260 acres at North Shore for a refinery. This had been achieved as a result of the trust commencing its port deepening programme and purchasing from the Commonwealth the old seaplane base. Courtaulds

Ltd were interested in 170 acres of land at East Geelong vested in the trust, but a general change of plans by the company had caused a deferment of the project.

During the year 128 vessels visited the port. Imports totalled 402,334 tons and exports 450,617 tons. Wheat represented 358,085 tons of exports.

The commissioners spent £84,731 in capital works, £32,198 in deepening the channel to 32ft at low water; and £25,758 for purchase of floating and other plant.

Advocate Burnie 22 March 1950


MELBOURNE, Tuesday. - Three hundred tractors a month are now rolling from the production lines at the International Harvester Company's new tractor works at North Shore, Geelong.

These are modern tractors, built of Australian materials by Australian workmen, and their efficiency has been proved to be equal to any in the world, even the home of tractors, the United States.

To-day several hundred dealers from agricultural centres in all parts of Australia went to Geelong to see International W-6 and the Farmall-M tractors being manufactured under the most modern mass-production methods.

The new automotive section of the plant has been established for the large-scale manufacture of two models of wheel tractors, three models of motor trucks and a four and six-cylinder engine, which will be made available to Australian manufacturers of industrial equipment for incorporation in their products as prime movers or as separate power units.

The Argus Melbourne 30 August 1950

Houses from Austria

Mr. J. McRae Dunn (M.L.A., Geelong) said yesterday that a contract had been let for the supply of 200 prefabricated Seigmeister houses from Austria.

The design of the houses, which will be erected at Norlane, has been approved by the Housing Commission.


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