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The Argus Melbourne 19 April 1951

Geelong to get £5m. oil refinery

The Shell Co. of Australia Ltd. will start building a £5 million crude oil distillation plant at Geelong next month.

The refinery, which will be erected on a 250-acre site known as the seaplane base, near the Corio railway station, will be completed by the end of 1953.

Mr. E. N. Avery, general manager, who announced this last night, said that the refinery would be the largest in Australia.

Initially, Mr. Avery said, the refinery was expected to process about 211 million gallons a year, resulting in an annual output of 136 million gallons of petrol, 23 million gallons of diesel fuel, and 38 million gallons of fuel oil. The intake could be progressively increased to 282 million gallons of feed stock a year. It was planned to develop a storage capacity of 56 million gallons.

The plant would take feed stock from British Borneo, which was almost a 100% sterling source.

The Geelong Harbor Trust had undertaken to build a wharf capable of berthing two 18,000-ton tankers. Channels of the port would be deepened to 32ft., and two tugs to handle the large tankers would be acquired. A light jetty over half a mile, long would be built.

Mr. E.N. Avery (photo caption)

Advocate Burnie 9 July 1951


MELBOURNE, Sunday. - Two New Australians were killed last night when their motor-cycle crashed into the side of the 8.35 Geelong-Melbourne train at the North Shore Road railway crossing, Norlane.

The machine was being ridden by Peter Bartosik (25), of the Rosalind Park Hotel, Bridge St., Bendigo. Bartosik sustained a compound fracture of the skull, and died in Geelong Hospital at 10.30.

Riding pillion on the machine was Danilo Rac-Miskov (37), of the International Harvester Company Hostel, North Shore. Rac-Miskov was apparently flung against the train and his neck was broken. He died instantly.

The train was delayed 20 minutes.

The Argus Melbourne 1 August 1951


MULLANE.—On July 31, at his home, Avonmore, Jeremiah Thomas, dearly beloved husband of the late Margaret, loved father of Frank, John, Ted, Gerald, Bern, Vince, Mary, and Joseph (deceased), late of North Shore, Geelong.

Requiescat in pace.

The Argus Melbourne 1 May 1952

Migrant child killed on road

Geelong, Wednesday

A seven-year-old girl was killed when she was knocked down by a semi-trailer truck on the Melbourne rd. at Norlane this morning.

She was Jean Irvin, of the Norlane Migrant Hostel, who came out from England with her parents last year.

The girl is believed to have been running across the road to catch a bus to school.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 5 May 1952


Last Thursday was the 150th anniversary, to the day, of the climbing of the You Yangs by Captain Matthew Flinders and two companions, the first white men to see Corio Bay. In charge of Geelong commemorations was Mr. Philip Brown, who has a strong personal interest in Corio Bay apart from being president of the Geelong Historical Society and the au- thor of a series of books on the pioneer pastoralists of south-western Victoria.

His father, the late Rev. Dr Francis Brown, was the headmaster of Geelong Grammar School when it was decided to move the school from Geelong to the north shore of Corio Bay, and his home at Leopold, on the south side of the bay, is one of the oldest homes in the Geelong district.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 8 August 1952

Death in Vic. of Mrs. Langcake

The death occurred at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. Goodyear, 63 Seaview Avenue, North Shore, Victoria, on August 5, of Mrs. A. J. Langcake. Her husband predeceased her some four years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Langcake were formerly well-known residents of Broken Hill. They conducted a grocery business at premises situated in Oxide Street off Blende Street for a number of years, but left in the early forties to enter into a similar business at Geelong. They are survived by one daughter (Mrs. R. Goodyear). Mr. Goodyear was a member of the metallurgical staff of Broken Hill South prior to his departure for West Australia and later Victoria.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 5 February 1953

Saved from Earth Fall

Geelong. - Six men dug with their hands for half an hour to free two workmen completely buried beneath a ton of earth and rock at North Shore, near Geelong.

Those trapped were Patrick Bourke. (23), of Waurn Ponds, who is suffering from severe shock and head injuries; and Guido Grebe (20), of Candover St., Geelong West, who was admitted to the Geelong Hospital with broken ribs and leg injuries.

The Argus Melbourne 5 February 1953

Two men trapped by ton of rock

Rescuers dug frantically for an hour with bare hands to free two workmen buried

under a ton of earth at North Shore, near Geelong, yesterday.

The workmen were digging 12ft. down in a water-pipe trench when rocks and earth collapsed on them.

Guido Grebe, 20, of Candover st., Geelong West, was buried up to his neck and


Patrick Burke, 25, of Waurn Ponds, was buried completely.

Both Grebe and Burke were unconscious when they were dug out. Ambulance officers revived them with oxygen and rushed them to Geelong Hospital.

Grebe was admitted suffering from broken ribs and severe shock, and Burke was admitted with shock and head injuries.

The Argus Melbourne 25 February 1953

Wharf opening postponed

Geelong, Tuesday

Opening of the new King's Wharf at North Shore, which was to have coincided with the arrival of the S.S. Iron King today, has been postponed.

The Iron King has been delayed by a strike at Port Kembla, and is not due until Saturday.

The Argus Melbourne 22 May 1953

Newly-wed hit by truck

Geelong-, Thursday

A newlywed woman, Mrs. Josina Veryzer, 23, of Seabreeze par., North Shore, was severely injured when she was struck by a utility truck near her home tonight.

She was admitted to Geelong Hospital with broken legs, thigh injuries, probable fractured skull, and shock. Her condition is critical.

The Mercury Hobart 18 July 1953

Car Blown Into 10ft. Of Water

MELBOURNE, Fri.-A 72 m.p.h. gust of wind today blew a small sedan car through a protective rail into 10 feet of water at North Wharf, North Shore, Geelong.

The car fell 20 feet into the water, but the driver, Mr. Roy Graham, of North Shore, escaped unhurt.

The Argus Melbourne 15 December 1953

Cliff crash

When a truck crashed over a cliff today at North Shore, near Geelong, the driver, Edward Harris, Ryrie st., Geelong, suffered concussion, cuts, and bruises.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 28 January 1954

Crash Kills Pillion Rider

Geelong: A motor-cycle pillion passenger was killed on Melbourne Road, Norlane, only a short distance from where his father was fatally injured in an accident last year.

He was Lindsay Swanson (24), mill hand, of Lara.

Stewart Jenkin (20), slaughterman of Norlane, the driver of the motor-cycle which ran into and killed a draught horse, is in Geelong Hospital with head injuries.

Barrier Miner Broken Hill 3 February 1954

Kitchen Sink Stolen

Geelong: Two kitchen sinks, a bath heater and five canaries were reported to the C.I.B. as stolen.

The canaries were taken from the home of Mr. G. Barmby, in Clarke Street, Newtown. They were valued at £7.

The sinks and bath heater were stolen from a Housing Commission home being built at Norlane.

Five houses disappeared in sections from the Norlane estate last year.

The Argus Melbourne 5 May 1954

Geelong rail duplication

The Railways Commissioners expected to start duplicating the railway line between Newport South - North Geelong and North Geelong-North Shore during the 1955-56 financial year, Mr. Scully, Honorary Minister, said in the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

The Argus Melbourne 28 May 1954

The candidates

CANDIDATES yesterday began winding up their campaigns with bitter blasts and counter blasts at their opponents in final efforts to sway the people to their cause.

"Oppy" on bicycle (photo caption)

At Geelong, Mr. Opperman, Liberal M.H.R. for Corio, mounted his bicycle again in an effort to retain his seat. He distributed hundreds of election pamphlets as he pedalled around Geelong from about 8 a.m.

At noon he rode to the phosphate works at North Shore, about four miles from Geelong, to address a lunch-time rally.

Mr. Opperman, who will be 50 tomorrow, declined to give his time for the trip. "I covered the distance at an enjoyable speed," he said.

Mr. A. G. Poyser, campaign secretary for Mr. Dedman, Mr. Opperman's Labor opponent, said tonight that however hard Mr. Opperman pushed he would never overtake his "handicap" in Corio.

"He will never get past the 'spoilers' in Norlane, where we are confident that the Labor vote has increased by about 1,000 since the 1951 poll, when Mr. Opperman won by 138 votes."

Mr. Poyser said the majority of more than 3,000 new voters in Corio were living in Labor strongholds.

The Australian Women’s Weekly 16 June 1954

Homemakers’ weekly contest

Heavy wooden gates made from the ends of a solid old bed win the £3/3/- prize this week in our interesting Home- makers' contest.

THE cash prize is awarded to Mrs. E. Bliss, Sparks Road, North Shore, Victoria, for sending in her husband's idea for new gates for their drive-way.

Mrs. Bliss tells how the bed ends were used. She thinks the idea may save a home builder a few pounds:

"My husband did some alterations and renovations to our home and found he would like new gates on the driveway. As the cost was too great, he decided to use a stout old double bed we had stored in the garage.

"Only the legs had to be cut off, four hinges added, and a catch fitted, and we had a smart-looking double gate.

Painted to match the wood work on the fence and house, the gates are solid and look a real tradesman's job."

Each week our contest on how to make something new (from something old is bringing in hundreds of stimulating and imaginative suggestions from readers.

A weekly cash award of £3/3/- is made to the reader who sends in the best idea.

When space allows, a consolation prize of £1/1/- will also be given; so, no matter how simple your idea, send it in. It may win you or a member of your family a cash prize.

For the contest all you do is write down a full description of the old article and tell what you did to bring it back into more useful service. A rough sketch or snapshot of the item before and after its conversion must accompany each entry.

Address your entry to The Editor, Homemaker Department, Box 4088, G.P.O., Sydney.

(Photo caption) HEAD AND END of a discarded double bed were used to make the modern-looking driveway gates illustrated above. This idea won £3/3/-.

(Caption with drawing) CUT LEGS OFF HERE

THIS SKETCH shows the type of bed ends that were converted into gates. Only the legs had to be sawn off, hinges and catch fitted, to make the attractive gates illustrated above.

The Argus Melbourne 30 June 1954

Girl burned at Norlane home

Three-year-old Margaret Lynch, of Thompson st., Norlane, Geelong, was burned on the body when her nightdress caught fire while she was standing in front of a fire at home last night.

The Courier-Mail Brisbane 3 July 1954

Distillers have paid £50 million in excise

MELBOURNE— In 25 years trading United Distillers Pty. Ltd. had paid out more than £50 million in excise duties, Mr. John Monahan, production manager of the company, said yesterday.

He was speaking at the company's silver jubilee celebrations at Corio, Geelong. United Distillers owns all the capital in Distillers Corporation Pty, Ltd ('Corio' whisky and 'Vickers' gin) and also Federal Distilleries Pty, Ltd ('Old Court' and 'Brind's). Mr. Monahan said the Corio distilleries were now the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Since 1929 they had produced 12 million gallons of whisky and 5 million gallons of gin. This was equal to two-thirds of the Australian whisky trade and half the gin market. Mr. Monahan claimed that the company was now the mainstay of the barley industry in Australia. ( Last year profit fell by£85,730 to £21,221.)

The Argus Melbourne 11 November 1954

New school for Norlane

Geelong, Wednesday

The Public Works Department has accepted the £31,541 tender of Leighton Pty. Ltd., Ash st., Sunshine, for an 11-classroom cement rendered timber-framed primary school in section 4 of Norlane housing estate.

Section streets have birds' names, and the new school will be bounded by Eagle pde., Robin av., Bellbird av., and Thrush st.

The Argus Melbourne 21 June 1955


GEELONG, Monday: Only four people for northern factories boarded the five-carriage workers' train, which ran for the first time, from South Geelong to Corio this morning. All travelled from South Geelong to North Shore.

The new service, which makes one return trip daily, has been introduced for a trial period.

A man who had bought a ticket at Geelong left again when he found he was the only one on the platform. Apparently feeling self-conscious about being the sole Geelong passenger, he asked for a refund on his ticket.

The Argus Melbourne 27 October 1955

New Australian awarded £600

GEELONG, Wednesday:

Leon Szponar, of Norlane, was awarded £600 damages in the County Court today for injuries suffered in a collision between his cycle and a motor-truck in November, 1954.

Szponar sued Admiral Avon Martin, of Norlane, for £2,500 damages.

The Argus Melbourne 19 November 1955

Corio knifing

GEELONG, Friday. Ronald Scott, 29, of Inverleigh, was treated at Geelong Hospital for knife wounds in the side, arm and back after an incident at Sims Cooper freezing works, Corio, this afternoon.

Later at Geelong City Watchhouse, a 28-year-old Italian was charged with unlawful and malicious wounding. He will appear before the City Court on Tuesday.

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